Our Story


In the Summer of 1932, A.W Loozier came to the Windy City community with a Bible and a guitar. Permission was obtained from Mr. Deloach to hold an open air meeting in the woods on his land off Windy City Rd. Planks and blocks were used for seats and kerosene lanterns were used for lights. People came in cars, trucks, wagons or walked in order to attend the services. The meeting was moved in the fall to the yard of Mr & Mrs. Will Gregory. In early spring the Gregory's gave an acre of ground in order that a tabernacle could be built.

In May of 1933 Gregory's Chapel was established and was recognized as one of the local Assemblies in cooperative fellowship with the General Council of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, MO. In June 2022, Gregory's Chapel celebrated 89 years of ministry to the Humboldt and Northwest Madison County area,